Australian Photography by Graham McKern
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About us

Why Treacle Cottage?  

What better name to conjure up an image of a place where sweet things can be found for sale. 

You know the kind of place… where there is not a large range of things, but what is there is of good quality. 

Treacle Cottage is the brainchild of Australians, Maggie and Graham McKern, a husband and wife team who have slowed down from more than 50 years assisting not-for-profits with professional fundraising advice, to instead focusing on their personal passions… Maggie for her arts and crafts, and Graham for his photography.  

Please come and visit our site often, to see what might be on offer ... 

Graham McKern picked up his first camera at the age of six and has never really put his camera down.  Sixty+ years, and a lifetime of images later, he now has the time to devote to his love of photographing landscapes, seascapes and God's other creations. Graham has, for many years, received compliments for his photographs. But it is only in the last several months, as he slowed down from his life's work helping others, that he decided to 'lift his photographic game' to a new level.

In February 2016, Graham received four days of hands-on location tuition from Australia's foremost landscape artist, Ken Duncan. Graham now believes his images have achieved a level where he is prepared to offer them for sale to anyone who might like them.

At Treacle Cottage, we have kept our prices as low as possible.  However our product is of very high quality.